Nigeria: What Nigeria Can Do to Lift Its Citizens Out of Poverty – Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder and foremost philanthropist Bill Gates has spoken on possible steps to lift Nigerians out of poverty. It is estimated that about 82.9 million Nigerians live below the poverty line, earning Nigeria the unenviable tag of “poverty capital of the world”. In an interview with The Cable, the billionaire businessman was asked what steps […]

Who is afraid of Amotekun?

Who is afraid of Amotekun? Who wants to kill the Amotekun dream? Who is plotting to misalign the organic Amotekun lofty vision with a curious community policing in a convoluted federation that the nation wants to be restructured from the rubble of an odious unitary system? These questions have become germane from a recent extrapolation […]

Lagos and the litany of forced evictions

From recent reports by development practitioners, sustainable development and the related notion of sustainability are becoming increasingly important policy objectives for government at different levels as well as in the private sector. They suggest that there is a growing need to strengthen the conceptual understanding of different notions of sustainability and their implications. In particular, […]

I don’t wanna be a civil servant

About a decade ago, I bought a collection of Christian evergreen songs. One of the songs was my favourite. But I did not get part of a particular song right. Trust little children-they made it up for me by interpreting it as ‘I don’t wanna be a civil servant’. But I knew that this was […]

People Talk: 160 as cut-off mark for university admission

“The new cut off mark is good because securing admission into higher institutions of learning is a herculean task for many students especially the downtrodden. “With 160 as cut off mark, it will be less cumbersome for admission seekers.  Previous high cut off marks frustrated many people.” — Adenike Adebayo, Parent. “The cut off mark […]

Nigeria: Is Ahmad Lawan Truly Committed to Rebuilding Nigeria’s Economy

The doctrine of separation of powers is unwittingly defective such that irrespective of the possible good governance implications of legislative outputs, they are of no effects whatsoever, if the executive rightly or wrongly, chooses not to implement them. Although there is a window for the legislature to override the executive when necessary, such an extreme […]

Roaming Gangs Exploit Conflict in Nigeria

Organised criminal activity like kidnapping and armed robbery has “exploded” in northern Nigeria, amid resurging jihadist activity and a deadly conflict between the country’s cattle herders and farmers. The ongoing, multi-faceted conflict between ethnic Hausa farmers and Fulani herders, fuelled by competition over scarce land and water resources, has given rise to large numbers of […]

Enahoro: It’s Time to Restructure Nigeria

A veteran journalist and activist, Mr. Peter Enahoro, yesterday called for the restructuring of Nigeria with a warning that the continued delay to address the issue was dangerous for the country. He said there was no better time to make the drastic decision for equity between the North and South than now.He, however, explained that […]