Nigeria: Is Ahmad Lawan Truly Committed to Rebuilding Nigeria’s Economy

The doctrine of separation of powers is unwittingly defective such that irrespective of the possible good governance implications of legislative outputs, they are of no effects whatsoever, if the executive rightly or wrongly, chooses not to implement them. Although there is a window for the legislature to override the executive when necessary, such an extreme […]

Roaming Gangs Exploit Conflict in Nigeria

Organised criminal activity like kidnapping and armed robbery has “exploded” in northern Nigeria, amid resurging jihadist activity and a deadly conflict between the country’s cattle herders and farmers. The ongoing, multi-faceted conflict between ethnic Hausa farmers and Fulani herders, fuelled by competition over scarce land and water resources, has given rise to large numbers of […]

Enahoro: It’s Time to Restructure Nigeria

A veteran journalist and activist, Mr. Peter Enahoro, yesterday called for the restructuring of Nigeria with a warning that the continued delay to address the issue was dangerous for the country. He said there was no better time to make the drastic decision for equity between the North and South than now.He, however, explained that […]

A memo to Professor Agboola Gambari

It is part of our national dilemma, confusion and uncertainty that the appointment of a new Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari has elicited so much excitement, anxiety and concern that we have forgotten that the CoS is a personal staff to the president. Given our perception, private anecdotes and media presentation of the […]

Philosophy in the time of COVID-19

I always laugh when colleagues who are not philosophers ask me to come to give a philosophical touch to a conversation as this one. I bet they didn’t know that I am only fascinated by philosophical reflections and that I do not have sufficient philosophical training to be in a position to aspire to be […]

The simple secret to Nigeria’s wellbeing

Some years ago, precisely the year 2001, I became disillusioned with the nation Nigeria to the point that I was praying for the peaceful separation of Nigeria. I was shocked when the Lord spoke to my heart quite simply and quietly that the breaking up of Nigeria is not the solution to our problem in […]

FG should drop fumigation of schools

The Federal Government’s plan to disinfect and decontaminate schools nationwide is a right step but it is absolutely in the wrong direction. The Minister of Environment had, the other day, revealed the plan of government at the Presidential Task Force (PTF) briefing on COVID-19 in Abuja. “We are initiating a programme of decontaminating and disinfecting […]

Can Gambari Change @75?

PROFESSOR Ibrahim Agboola Gambari is one of the most dangerous public servants Nigeria has seen on the local and international scenes for about four decades now. As he was officially announced as new Chief of Staff to the President on Wednesday, I called a global diplomat with great concern for Nigeria on Thursday for pulse […]

Falana knocks Nigerian govt, says its handling of COVID-19 not transparent

A senior lawyer Mr. Femi Falana on Friday accused the various levels of government in Nigeria of lack of transparency and accountability in the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), the lackadaisical nature of the Nigerian government spans throughout all the levels of the government, notably the state governments. Falana […]